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General Information: Total Knee Replacement Surgery

For high grade knee osteoarthritis, competent orthopaedic surgeons may chose to perform TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT. Depending on whether it was caused by trauma or another inflammatory disorder like rheumatoid arthritis, the arthritis may be primary or secondary.

This treatment is fantastic for patients thanks to advancements in methodology and implant material. Metal implants are used to replace the fractured proximal and distal parts of the tibia and femur. During a total knee arthroplasty, a highly cross-linked polyethylene TIBIAL insert is replaced on the TIBIAL base plate. During a total knee replacement, patella resurfacing may or may not be carried out.

Knee osteoarthritis symptoms One of the most significant primary causes of disability and relative reliance is knee osteoarthritis (OA), prevalent progressive degenerative illness. Most of the patients are elderly and have knee discomfort. The patients exhibit knee swelling, often referred to as joint effusion, the doctor reports. The patient develops varus-thrust gait (changes in walking pattern).The knee pain specialist claims that diseases like rheumatoid arthritis can also cause the Genu Valgum deformity. Patients with ancestry from the Indian subcontinent frequently have Genu Varus deformity and knee flexion deformity.These patients also suffer some crepitus when they move their joint, and sporadically they can hear sounds.

Osteoarthritis Causes Risk Factor

The medical term for osteoarthritis is degenerative condition. The cartilage in the knee joint slowly erodes with age, exposing the raw ends of the bone, which causes friction and discomfort.The body’s ongoing repair process, which results in osteophytes (additional bone development), also results in deformity and motion restriction. Age makes these changes more pronounced. Additionally, some people are predisposed genetically to early osteoarthritis. Obese or overweight people also exhibit early symptoms.

Osteoarthritis prevention and avoiding knee replacement surgery

Dr. MANU GAUTAM is one of the best knee replacement surgeons in DELHI NCR, but he is aware that no one wants to go through such a difficult treatment. The joint pain specialist in DELHI claims that keeping healthy behaviours including a balanced lifestyle, weight control, optimal seating patterns, regular exercise, and physiotherapy help stop knee pain and arthritis from developing early. Certain patients may benefit from knee injections for early cases. We can carry out a number of minor surgeries, like osteotomies, to realign the weight-bearing axis and avoid total knee replacement.

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