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best chiropractor and physiotherapist in Noida ,Delhi, Vaishali Ghaziabad, India
best chiropractor and physiotherapist in Noida ,Delhi, Vaishali Ghaziabad, India

Perfect Body Posture Give You More Confident to Walk


Certification in Spinal Manual Therapy from World’s Premier Institute (Manual Concepts, Australia)


Fellowship in Osteopathy and Manipulative Therapy from IHC Institute Australia


Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner from the World’s First and Best Kinesio Institute in the United Kingdom

Dr. Eshan Kaushik has more than 15 years of clinical experience and is, undoubtedly, one of the best physical therapist, chiropractor and Spine Specialist in Delhi/NCR. Through his professional span, he has treated more than 10,000 patients.

Dr. Kaushik is a Spine Problem Specialist and offers the best remedy and treatment to patients suffering from disc injury, posture misalignment and other problems. He has developed a unique holistic approach to ‘Align’ the whole body in one go. He and his team have saved hundreds of surgeries for “Knee & Spine” cases to date.

In addition to this clinical experience, Dr. Kaushik is also the Founder of Sports Connect Academy through which he runs many courses and helps many physiotherapists upgrade themselves. He has trained thousands of physiotherapists across India. He is the owner of Kure Clinic which is a Multispeciality clinic in Noida and Vaishali. He is also running an NGO wherein he is providing education to needy people along with skill development/ capacity building of healthcare professionals and Vocational training for the students.

Wondering When Would You Need A Chiropractor?

chiropractor in vaishali

Prominence of the ribs on one side

chiropractor in ghaziabad

Uneven waistline

chiropractor in noida

Tilted, uneven shoulders, with one shoulder blade protruding more than the other

chiropractor in delhi

Difference in hip height or position

chiropractor in indrapuram

Overall appearance of leaning to the side

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Our Services

Dr. Eshan offers the best treatment for back pain, migraine, sciatica and many other illnesses without taking hundreds of pills or undergoing surgeries

Spine Problems

Spine Problems

Comprehensive diagnosis and holistic solutions for spine problems

Disc Injury

Disc Injury

Personalised treatment plans for pain relief & long-term solution

Posture Misalignment

Posture Misalignment

Correct your posture with yoga and massage therapy

Knee Problems

Knee Problems

Treatment of a wide spectrum of knee and joint ailments

Back pain and numbness

Back pain and numbness

Pilates, yoga and physiotherapy sessions for long-term back ailments



Get rid of your back and leg pain due to sciatica with our personalised therapy sessionssss


Frequently Asked Questions ABOUT CHIROPRACTOR

No. Chiropractic’s are completely safe if done by a licensed practitioner. You might feel a bit sore afterwards but it is a part of the healing.

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