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Jaya LakshmiJaya Lakshmi
13:34 31 Oct 22
Quality treatment is given here with most effective treatments. The surrounding and hospitality is great 👍 Dr. Eshan is very knowledgeable and experienced chiropractor and therapist i have ever been too . I had a long term neck pain which with just one sitting he ruled out the problem and relieved my pain too.
Nishant JaiswalNishant Jaiswal
11:06 26 Oct 22
The most important things that you feel comfortable with your therapist are Accessibility, Results, Communication, Times, Personalized Treatment and you feel comfortable with your therapist.All these important aspect, I found during my treatment in Kure Clinic especially with Dr. Ishan and his junior staff, who are capable to understand my health condition and help in determining treatment goals and getting Results. He is very much approachable and conformable while treating patients.
Saurabh JindalSaurabh Jindal
13:48 16 Jul 22
One of the best clinics where all the Doctors do sincerely care about their patients and spend quality time understanding their needs and than offering a holistic approach towards. Eshan Kaushik is highly approachable and is always standing next to his patients in any times. Thank you and keep up the great work Team.
Shakti SharmaShakti Sharma
14:59 17 May 22
Highly recommend doctor Mannu for any and all kinds of bone or joint issues, I recently got a wrist fracture & same was fixed by doctor with proper medication & checkups. I feel the beauty about Kure clinic is they have multiple facilities under the same roof like X-ray which made my experience really smooth.
Nitin JainNitin Jain
14:48 17 May 22
The team at Kure Clinic is very very helpful and friendly, especially Dr. Eshan, he is very caring towards his patients. The entire team of doctors is very patient and knowledgeable, they bring a very rich experience in understanding the patient's problem and suggesting them a correct diagnosis. Really helpful and I would highly recommend the hospital.
Neha ParasharNeha Parashar
12:00 07 Mar 23
One of the best centre…Had great experience..Feeling more strength and energy after taking classes. Dr. Eshaan is great person.
Ram MandalRam Mandal
12:32 17 Feb 23
The therapies here are so effective got cured really well
Durgesh GoswamiDurgesh Goswami
03:29 16 Feb 23
Experienced doctors with great manual skills. I was suffering from neck pain and got relief in single sitting after chiro adjustment. I really thankful to whole kure team.
11:18 14 Feb 23
This Clinic is just Superb.The knowledge and treatment of Dr. Eshan Kaushik is fantastic .One of the best thing which I would like to pen down is the start up of Kure Wellness.It is something much needed for the person who are facing a long time pain or muscle inactivity.You should visit for Physiotherapy , Chiropractic treatment and Rehabilitation treatment .
Syed AmeedSyed Ameed
12:29 12 Feb 23
One of the best physiotherapy chain in Delhi NCR region.I have been training under them since 3 months in their Noida clinic and can confirm that their staff is very knowledgeable and are very professional.Dr. Eshaan and his team (Vidya, Pankaj, Shalini) is a very knowledgeable physiotherapist and chiropractor who was correctly able to diagnose the muscle imbalances that I had which helped me in playing better football and helped me to unlock overall mobility and strength training.His Vaishali center is equally good and has a full fledged gym, like Noida center which helped me to unlock my full athletic potential.Not to mention they are very humble and good people too who are not money hungry like other physiotherapy centers. These people actually care about their patients/clients.10/10 would recommend.

When it comes to health, trust should be at the absolute core of a patient-doctor relationship.

At KURE CLINIC we have a vision to place value back on medical care.


We are effective in combining communication, medical knowledge and hard work to surpass patient expectations. Patient service is at the heart of what we do and we are dedicated to always look for ways to support our patients more effectively.

 – team work is the best medicine.

We recognise that our success is inevitably tied to others and our performance as a team will define us.

We are committed to serving our patients. We take pride in our success and are responsible for our shortcomings. Accountability drives our commitment to quality improvement at kure Clinic.

This is the goal in all our work. We strive to perform at a level that provides exceptional, outstanding innovative, ethical and quality service. We endeavor to continue our own education and to be actively involved in educating future general practitioners.

We strive to create a professional work environment that emphasizes personal integrity, ethics, responsibility and accountability.

We honour the diverse experience, gifts, and knowledge that every person brings to Kure Clinic.
Respect is deserved, not earned, and is the core of how we deal with each other and those whom we interact.

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